Internal Value Innovation Workshops

Sometimes innovation needs to be focused on changing things internally, not just at end customers.

Usually it is to drive efficiency and continuous improvement.

This client operates in a remote part of the world and has many interdependent parts to its operations.

But each separate business unit was so siloed and isolated, and monopolistic (there were no competitors or alternatives to turn to), that although there was good social interaction and camaraderie, there was still opportunities for operational improvement.

Instead of applying the whole Blue Ocean Strategy methodology, such as the emphasis on non-customers, we focused on Value Innovation.  Looking up and down the production and value chain to find areas to improve understanding and collaboration around pain points.  The aim was to change the culture to treat each other as internal customers and suppliers.

With an Internal Value Innovation Program in place, the early improvements were strikingly obvious and significant.

The success of the program in one region has seen this multinational looking to expand the program into other operations and territories.

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