The Strategy & Innovation Trade Show

In preparation for their annual strategic planning offsite, this national construction and engineering firm engaged Blue Ocean Strategy Australia to work with the CEO, Head of Strategy and Divisional Leaders.

The task was to firm up and clarify both business-as-usual and disruptive strategies, and expose the leaders to creative innovation methods of ideation, validation and execution.  This was achieved through a series of individual and group meetings in the lead up to the offsite.

At the offsite, after the usual round of morning presentations, the team adjourned for lunch.  But when they returned they found the conference space transformed into a trade show.  Strategies were displayed and shared with each division having their own stand.  This allowed all participants to engage in an educative, fun and creative, collaborative exploration and sharing of ideas, without the usual boring death by powerpoint strategy presentations.  It provided for careful contemplation and consideration, with questions and ideas captured in real time through verbal and written feedback.