Annual & Special Purpose Conferences

Case 1: A major financial services industry body, which holds an annual conference in Australia each year, approached Blue Ocean Strategy Australia to provide an engaging keynote speaker.  Combining presentation materials, videos, table-based exercises and immediate audience survey tools, this was the most highly attended and best rated break-out session of the conference. Case 2:[…]

Sales Team Alignment

This national property development and management business found its sales team focused almost solely on price. They needed to re-focus their sales team’s efforts on other financial and non-financial features, but they needed the sales team to own it. Bringing the team together we progressed them through a fair process of engagement that valued their[…]

Aligning Leadership & Purpose

The CEO and Head of Strategy of this large and diversified Australian ASX listed business were concerned to ensure the leaders of its very varied divisions were aligned on key common issues of strategy and collaboration across divisions.  They also wanted to explore their sense of purpose. At a corporate strategy offsite, Blue Ocean Strategy[…]

The Strategy & Innovation Trade Show

In preparation for their annual strategic planning offsite, this national construction and engineering firm engaged Blue Ocean Strategy Australia to work with the CEO, Head of Strategy and Divisional Leaders. The task was to firm up and clarify both business-as-usual and disruptive strategies, and expose the leaders to creative innovation methods of ideation, validation and[…]

Inspiring 70 Global Leaders

This international logistics business brought 70 of its divisional leaders together for their annual conference. Amongst the topics for discussion was of course strategy. In a highly commoditised and competitive industry, regardless of where you look in the world, the Global Strategy Director was keen to expose the senior executive to new styles of strategic[…]

Financial Services Product Innovation

Financial Services Industry – The Revenue Challenge A major Australian financial services business came to Blue Ocean Strategy Australia with a challenge.  Help us develop a series of new Blue Ocean Strategy creating products to fill a multi-million dollar gap in our revenue forecasts. The organisation had completed an extensive review of all existing and[…]

Internal Value Innovation Workshops

Sometimes innovation needs to be focused on changing things internally, not just at end customers. Usually it is to drive efficiency and continuous improvement. This client operates in a remote part of the world and has many interdependent parts to its operations. But each separate business unit was so siloed and isolated, and monopolistic (there[…]