Learn to make your
competition irrelevant

Use Blue Ocean Strategy to 
LIFT your Innovation Programme

Create,  Don't  Compete

An Innovation Program based on Blue Ocean Strategy gives you the tools, processes and know-how to create new and uncontested market space.

Watch the video. See how creating can bring greater rewards than fighting the competition.

Innovation Programme Highlights

Your business is unique and so your innovation programme will be too, but here are the building blocks of a world class innovation programme using Blue Ocean Strategy.

Get Creative

Innovation and creativity go hand in hand.  A large part of the Blue Ocean program is learning how to unlock creativity and how to recognise good ideas when you see them.   

Commercial Focus

We focus on commercial outcomes.  Blue Ocean programmes are fun and engaging but also teach practical ways to get results that are low cost, high impact and rapid to deploy.

Repeatable Proven Process

Blue Ocean Strategy's repeatable process de-risk's strategy and innovation in organisations, across services and products, in B2C and B2B, as well as not for profits and the public sector.

team Selection And Motivation

Selecting the right people is about diversity, inclusion, engagement and working with who is available.  We focus on establishing a fair process to enlist voluntary co-operation across all your relevant team members. 

Supporting IT Platform

Your innovation programme will generate lots of ideas.  Assessing and prioritising them is vital. We recommend IdeaScale as a stage-gated pipeline management system, but if your business already has one, we can work with what you have.

Integrate Strategy & Change

Blue Ocean Strategy is the only strategic planning method recognised in both of Harvard Business Review's Ten Must Reads on Strategy and Ten Must Reads on Change Management.

A great Innovation Programme needs a great IT Platform

How you assess and manage your innovation pipeline will be critical.

Blue Ocean Strategy Australia has partnered with the world's most widely used, powerful, flexible and reasonably priced cloud-based innovation management system.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"We were starting from ground zero with our innovation programme.  We had launched new products in the past, and we had complex business case processes.  But Blue Ocean Strategy brought practical and focused ideation, exploration, validation  and innovation case processes to our organisation.  The BOSA facilitators were great at motivating team members and teaching them to do the same.  Even the most skeptical team members got fully on board and actively contributing." 

Innovation Manager, Financial Services

"We had a major disruption challenge  and we achieved more in our first 2 days using Blue Ocean Strategy, than we did in the previous 12 months of strategic planning and offsites.  It's an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable process, that forces you to rethink everything you thought you knew about where your industry, customers and business are heading."

Retail Manager, Australian Energy Retailer

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