May 15, 2015

Download the 12 Step Blue Ocean Navigation Chart


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Follow the 12 Step Blue Ocean Navigation Chart

We have a saying, “To reach your Blue Ocean you need to navigate through the Red Ocean.”

Blue Ocean Strategy is a repeatable process that can be applied to any organisation, product and service in any industry.

It has been developed and perfected over decades of strict academic research and real world application, by Professors at some of the world’s most re-known universities including Harvard and Insead.  Now it is taught as part of the strategy and marketing units at degree and post-graduate levels at over 2,000 universities throughout the world.  

Instead of continuing to try to beat your competitors in the zero sum game of head to head competition, Blue Ocean Strategy is designed to help you step away from your competitors, by finding uncontested market space and making competition irrelevant.

The process allows you to free up and re-focus valuable resources, align your team, improve your leadership and strategy skills, and put you in the driver’s seat of creative disruption in your industry.

“The only way to beat the competition, is to stop trying to beat the competition.”

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