July 7, 2016

Blue Ocean For All Advisors – Accreditation & Collaboration Programmes

Are you interested in applying Blue Ocean Strategy to your clients, either to internal clients or as an external consultant?

If so, you can collaborate with us at Blue Ocean Strategy Australia, and co-coach, co-consult and co-train your clients with our support.

This ensures that you are not infringing on any copyright and trademark.  We will let you know about all the free content and freedoms of use options you have, as well as those situations where the use of accredited consultants is required and where licensing fees are applicable.

Keep reading for further information or contact us to speak about your options.

Keeping Up-To-Date

If you are an executive or manager, a management consultant, accountant, lawyer, engineer or any other professional working in leadership, strategy, marketing or growth, you need to stay abreast of the latest in growth and innovation, strategic planning and business planning.

You also have to think about the professional development and inspiring engagement of your team, or your clients’ teams.

Our collaboration and professional development programmes are designed for you.

We work collaboratively to pass on to you our processes, tools and insights from delivering BOS-based programmes to businesses across many industries, over many years, and in all regions throughout the world.

If you want to improve your personal understanding and practical application of the world renowned Blue Ocean Strategy methodology, there is a three part programme that will lift and hone your skills while allowing you to co-deliver on engagements with your clients.

It will help you to foster strategically closer working relationships with your clients (both internal or external), and we can help keep your skills and knowledge up to date and continuously improving, to help you win more, different and larger assignments.

Use of the Intellectual Property & Working with BOSA

Internal Consultants, Staff, Managers and Academics
As an internal consultant, trainer, manager or business owner, you are free to utilise the Blue Ocean Strategy intellectual property for your internal business growth purposes.  There are no trademark licensing or copyright restrictions or fees for private use.

There are Intellectual Property fees for commercial use as a fee charging consultant.  More on this below.

Tertiary institutions have freedom to use and teach Blue Ocean Strategy.  We can assist you to develop and incorporate Blue Ocean Strategy materials into your academic programmes using a wide variety of available educational materials, case studies and enabling technologies, which are mostly free to bona fide tertiary lecturers and tutors, and secondary school teachers.  We can also provide experienced lecturers and tutors for guest and sessional work.

Independent Consultants
If you are an independent consultant wishing to assist your clients to adopt Blue Ocean Strategy, there are two ways we can help you and ensure that you are not breaching trademark or copyright.

  • BECOME A COLLABORATOR: In this case, you do not need to undertake any initial training with us, but we will lead on the Blue Ocean advisory work under your client management guidance.  One of our BOSA Consultants or Accredited Affiliates will work closely with you and your client.  We will help you and your client to navigate their Blue Ocean Strategy journey together.  This has proven to be a highly effective way for independent consultants to build and maintain a strong and close working relationship with their clients. It allows you to maintain and manage your relationship, by bringing us in under your terms, as a subject matter specialist.  We will assist you and your client to develop and implement their Blue Ocean Strategy.  We offer training, mentoring and guidance.  In this case, the BOSA Consultant or Affiliate will incorporate the use of the Blue Ocean Strategy intellectual property into the work they do, and the necessary intellectual property licensing fees are built into their charges.  You can maintain total control over implementation.
  • BECOME AN ACCREDITED AFFILIATE: Under this option, you can participate in our Blue Ocean Strategy Accredited Affiliates Programme (detailed below).  With this designation, you will be able to deliver Blue Ocean Strategy business services under our Blue Ocean Strategy Australia banner.  In this case, there are licensing fees applicable to any revenue you generate through the use of the Blue Ocean Strategy intellectual property, and you must comply with certain service standards, and CPD and peer review requirements.  This ensures that there is consistency across our network.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss either of these options.  Or keep reading for further information before we talk.

Click here for more detailed information about the copyright and trademark protections in place around the intellectual property of Professors Kim and Mauborgne.

Accredited Affiliate Programme

This programme is in three parts.

You can start and stop at any time, but to be accredited we require you to complete all three parts in a 12 month period.  And to remain accredited we require you to complete the CPD component each year.

  • PART 1: Learning & Practice: the first part is to firm up your understanding of how the Blue Ocean methodology is used in various situations.  This is achieved by attending a 2 day workshop which you can register for online.
  • PART 2: Coaching: the second part is for you to receive individual mentoring and guidance from an experienced BOSA Consultant or Accredited Affiliate.  This is a guided programme to help you prepare for and understake your first Blue Ocean Strategy projects under the guidance of an experienced mentor.
  • PART 3: CPD: this third part consists of a series of invitation only Continuous Professional Development webinars designed to challenge you and keep you up to date with developments and cases, as well as maintaining a personal peer review process to ensure that your client work is maintained at a high standard.

Part 1 – Learning & Practice : 2 Day Workshop + Online e-Learning Programme

Your facilitator is an experienced consultant who will lead the attendees through the 12 step process that is used by Blue Ocean Strategy Australia Consultants and Accredited Affiliates to apply the principles, frameworks and tools of Blue Ocean Strategy.

We also provide you with access to the BOS 101 e-learning programme (approx. 8 hours of online case study based course material) for reinforcement after the workshop.

For advisors, in this part we focus on:

  • new and original cases from a wide array of industries, regions and types of organisations
  • important insights into the method’s alignment of strategy and change management
  • different ways of applying the method through one-on-one mentoring, corporate off-sites, workshops, innovation programs, face-to-face training and coaching, and other applications
  • insights and opportunities into identifying organisational trigger points and how to prepare teams for their BOS journey
  • how technology and other methodologies can be used in conjunction with Blue Ocean Strategy to increase the value to customers and therefore lengthen and broaden customer engagements.

For full details of the next scheduled workshops, click here.  We use the same initial workshop to train all Blue Ocean Strategy clients and consultants, and then customise the follow up work to suit their individual needs.

Part 2 – Coaching & Reinforcement Sessions

We don’t just deliver workshops and online e-learning and expect consultants to deliver.

This part of the programme involves a series of live one-on-one coaching and reinforcement sessions, held between you and an experienced member of our practice group.

This stage is designed to mentor you through your first BOS project or client engagement.  It provides you with peer review, a safety net, and guidance on what materials are available for your use which will make your preparation more productive and your delivery more impactful.

These sessions are usually about 1 hour in length each, depending on your personal needs and your program.  They are typically delivered through teleconferencing technologies.

Part 3 – CPD: Webinars & Peer Review

This series is designed to keep you up to date on Blue Ocean Strategy related developments, cases and projects from around the world.

It is your opportunity to share and discuss questions, clarifications and experiences of your own application and thoughts about BOS.

Each webinar commences with a presentation or guest speaker and concludes with an open mike forum, or some curly questions from the webinar host.

Depending on the volume of business we are conducting together, this cost can be waived or you may use it as a pay per attendance means of maintaining your continuous professional development and accreditation.

Our training and webinars often qualify for CPD points with other professional bodies.  Check the CPD requirements of your professional association for the documentation you need to collect and maintain.  If you need any supporting documentation you can contact us.


About the 12 Step Navigation Chart

The practical application of Blue Ocean Strategy escapes many people who have tried to apply it directly from the book.  That’s why our workshops, webinars, mentoring and continuous professional development programmes are designed to pass on our insights from delivering BOS-based programmes throughout the world.

The 12 Step Navigation Chart was developed to provide a roadmap for the repeatable and systematic process of creating Blue Ocean Strategies.

The navigation chart provides the visual cues to allow consultants and their clients to step forward, back and around the methodology, in ways that maintain the drive towards your Blue Ocean Strategy outcomes.



Part 1

To enroll in the 2 day workshop there is an investment of AUD$1,800 plus GST where applicable.

View venues, dates and register for a workshop.

Parts 2 & 3

If you wish to discuss undertaking the broader Accredited Affiliate Programme please contact Andrew Nelson to discuss your personal circumstances and whether our programme is right for you.