March 7, 2011

Australian Leadership

Andrew Nelson

Managing Director, Blue Ocean Strategy Australia

Andrew leads our Australian operations with a vision to firmly embed Blue Ocean Strategy® into Australian management practice and business culture.

Blue Ocean Strategy is a rigorously tested and proven driver of economic growth through both disruptive and non-disruptive growth.

With over 25 years experience as a business owner, manager, consultant, key client account manager, and sales, business development and marketing manager, Andrew appreciates the challenges leaders face in growing organisations in dynamic environments and changing times.
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Having lived and worked in most Australian capital cities and several regional areas as well as undertaken advisory work for businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies through SMEs, start-ups and not-for-profits, in industries as diverse as financial services, professional services, FMCG, retail, mining, manufacturing and all levels of government departments and agencies, Andrew brings an appreciation of issues from the Global, Australian and local market contexts.

Prior to joining Blue Ocean Strategy Australia, Andrew was a Director at Deloitte in Australia and has also held various senior management, business development, marketing and consulting roles at BDO, Mellon and Mercer.

Andrew brings an energetic encouragement of creativity, exploration and inspiration, driven by rigorous technique, practice and peer review.

To contact Andrew email him at or call him on +61 (0)404 870 305.

To book a free phone on online consultation (Skype, Zoom etc.), use this calendly link to find a free time in Andrew’s diary and a meeting request for you both will be generated at your chosen time.

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Source: Extracts from the book Blue Ocean Strategy. (c) Kim & Mauborgne, 2015. Boston. Harvard Business School Publishing

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