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Blue Ocean Strategy is the only planning process recognised by Harvard Business Review in both of its "10 Top Reads on Strategy" and "10 Top Reads on Change Management".

The only way to beat the competition is to stop trying to beat them, and instead create your own Blue Ocean market

Invest 2 days to apply Blue Ocean thinking to your business strategy and to learn how to engage and inspire your team.

Why Choose Blue Ocean Strategy?


Find Uncontested Markets

Embed Innovation

Empower  Creativity

Align Strategy and Change
Align Your Leadership 

Materials & Technology

Small businesses 

Create New Markets

Deliver Unique Value

Avoid Replication

Low Cost + High Impact

Rapid Deployment

Raise Capital/Find Partners


Develop Essential Skills

Enhance Your Offerings

Collaborate With Others

Bring Your Clients Along 

Systematic & Repeatable

Earn CPD Points

An Ocean of Value

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The 2 Day Programme

2 days of facilitated learning

Case study and experiential learning.

Apply Blue Ocean Strategy to your organisation. 

Learn through sharing and challenging with other business leaders and professionals.

Materials and Technology

Blue Ocean Strategy does not require any complex or costly proprietary software.  We provide  workbooks and educational aids, including templates in MSWord, Powerpoint and Excel for ease of use and sharing. 

Individual Coaching

Minimum of 1 hour of individual 1:1 coaching
provided in the weeks before and after your attendance at the workshop.

Expert facilitators

Our expert facilitators have guided many organisations to implement and embed Blue Ocean Strategy.  You'll gain a deep understanding of the transformational tools and methods and how to use them to expand your business.

CPD points

Attendance qualifies for most professional body CPD programmes. Supercharge your strategy and tick off your continuous professional development too.

Refresher Guarantee

Our 2 day programme includes lunch and refreshments, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY a refresher guarantee.  You can attend part or all of the workshop again, anytime, within 12 months, for free.

Create new demand, make competitors irrelevant and get your blue ocean working for you!

Blue Ocean Strategy gets you and your team engaged in demand generation and new market creation.

It means you can grow your business by creating rather than competing.

And it's not unrealistic.  Businesses from every industry have done it, including these.

You can create new markets too

What People are Saying About Blue Ocean Strategy

Project Manager, 
Australian Construction Industry

"Blue Ocean Strategy really helped us gather our thoughts and explore new territory.  Without the methodology and tools I'm sure we would have missed opportunities with major distribution partners and left ourselves open to replication."

Innovation Manager, 
Fortune 500 Insurer

"Working in innovation, I was hopeful but a bit skeptical before going into the process.  But Blue Ocean Strategy definitely marries creativity, strategy and change management with product, service and process innovation.  We've now embedded it into our global  innovation programme.  The BOS Australia facilitators are world class."

Retail Manager,
Australian Energy Retailer

"We had a major disruption challenge  and we achieved more in our first 2 days using Blue Ocean Strategy, than we did in the previous 12 months of strategic planning and offsites.  It's an engaging and thoroughly enjoyable process, that forces you to rethink everything you thought you knew about where your industry, customers and business are heading."

Blue Ocean for Large Businesses

None of us is as smart as all of us!

Find Uncontested Markets 

They're being identified and created every day. Uncontested market space is often not as far away from your existing Red Ocean  and certainly less risky than trying to win at head to head competition .   

And you don't even need to be first to market ... you need to be first to commercialise the market.

Empower Creativity 

Creativity is not artistry.   Awaken the creativity your team uses in their daily work and harness it for innovation and continuous improvement.   Encourage and empower your team by arming them with Blue Ocean Strategy thinking.

Enable & Enhance Innovation

The methods, frameworks and principles of Blue Ocean Strategy form a ready-to-use toolkit for establishing, running or re-invigorating  innovation programmes.  We explore both disruptive and non-disruptive innovations, and we employ other relevant tools such as business model generation.

Align Strategy & Change

Blue Ocean Strategy is unique for its integration of strategy, sales & marketing, innovation & continuous improvement and leadership & change management.

Blue Ocean Strategy is the only planning method listed in both of Hardvard's 10 Must Reads on Strategy and 10 Must Reads on Change.  

Align  Leadership

Unlock and explore your team's views on customers and non-customers, influencers, strategic partnerships, value creation, profit propositions and stakeholder management.  Use our Strategic Dialogues to drive alignment and unlock mew business opportunities in Blue Ocean Markets.

Materials & Technology

Blue Ocean Strategy does not require any complex or costly proprietary software.  We provide attendees with workbooks and educational aids, including templates in MSWord, Powerpoint and Excel for ease of use and sharing. Our methods can be used with your existing innovation ideation and pipeline management tools and frameworks.  

Blue Ocean for Small Businesses

In Australia, it's small businesses, not big, that drives most product and service innovation!*
*Source: Australian Office of the Chief Economist, Innovation Reports

Create New Markets

Blue Ocean Strategy shows you how create new demand, rather than fight over existing demand in a zero sum game.  It's 12 step process identifies, validates, strategises and commercialises new and uncontested markets. 

Deliver Unique Value

By focusing on non-customers and their experiential journeys you will uncover unique customer insights.  These will allow you to focus on creating exceptional value that sets you apart and makes your competitors irrelevant.

Avoid Replication

Great ideas can be quickly replicated by competitors.  Blue Ocean Strategy embeds a process of identifying the steps you can take to avoid rapid replication, while simultaneously lifting your appeal to even larger markets.

Low Cost, High Impact

Value Innovation is at the heart of every Blue Ocean.  Simultaneously lowering costs while lifting customer value creates unprecedented value and opportunities.  

Rapid Deployment

Developing new products, services, features, benefits and strategies that open up uncontested market space doesn't need to take forever.  The Blue Ocean method is ready-to-use straight out of the box, and your Blue Ocean facilitators will help you focus on the quick wins with high impact and rapid deployment before tackling the harder and longer term opportunities.  

Raise Capital, Engage Partners 

Funders and partners want to know you have a robust and easy to communicate strategy, that carves out new market space.  Blue Ocean Strategy allows you to engage with your potential partners in a different kind of conversation.  One that more about being focused, divergent and compelling.  ROI follows the creation of customer value and capturing unmet demand, not the other way round.

Blue Ocean for Professionals

We all succeed when our clients succeed!

Develop Essential Skills

No matter your profession, Blue Ocean Strategy helps you understand destructive and creative disruption and the obsolescence and creation of new markets.  Understanding demand creation is now an essential business requisite.

A Systematic Repeatable Process

Blue Ocean Strategy is specifically designed to make the identification and creation of new and uncontested market space, a systematic and repeatable process.  Once you have mastered the process you will carry it with you into every role,  organisation and project you take on.

Enhance Your Offering

Blue Ocean Strategy reaches across every aspect of an organisation's operations.  Being involved with or driving a Blue Ocean project, opens you to a world of opportunities through all the stages of engagement, ideation, validation,  implementation and continuous review.

Collaborate With Others

All Blue Ocean projects require teams of people.   Diversity and engagement is therefore an essential component of a successful Blue Ocean project, bringing people with collaboration skills and experience to the forefront.  Our enabling technologies also help you to stay in touch with partners and assist clients over the long term.

Bring Your Clients Along

Bringing your clients along to a 2 day programme is a great way of building a deeper relationship with them.  We can play a central  role or a supporting facilitation role, where you take the lead and our consultants provide peer review and coaching.  

Earn CPD Points

With a structured agenda, course outline, learning outcomes, easy to use tools and completion certificates your attendance qualifies for most professional body CPD programmes.    

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