June 27, 2016



Listed below you will find links to register for our webinar programmes.  There are three programmes:

  • Free Webinars: These are short introductory sessions that help you to gain a clearer understanding of the basics of Blue Ocean Strategy
  • The Deep Dive Series: This is a series of 10 x 1.5 hour webinars that replicate our 2 day public workshops but in a webinar environment.
  • CPD Webinars: This is a series of 4 quarterly webinars each year, designed to help internal consultants, strategy managers and the like to keep up to date and fresh.

Most are delivered live, but some are also made available as recordings, vodcasts or podcats for play-on-demand access.

Free Webinars

Navigating the Blue Ocean Strategy Map

Blue Ocean Strategy – Case studies from around the world

Lean & Lateral (How collaboration can drive down costs and increase innovation in your business, industry and the economy)

De-risking Business Innovation (How some businesses launch new lines and simultaneously lower risks)

Rethinking your Market Boundaries (Improve your search for growth opportunities)

It’s Big Picture, not Big Data or Big Tech (Exploring innovation outside technology)

Reach Beyond Existing Demand (How de-segmentation bakes a less risky pie)

Get your Strategic Sequence Right (Up-ending your business case process : a must for businesses big and small)

Overcoming Key Organizational Hurdles (Leadership without power or influence)

Build Execution into your Strategy (How fair process and tipping point leadership de-risks hew product launches)

A Review of 2016-17 Blue Ocean Strategy Global Case Studies

Raising Capital for Blue Ocean Ideas

Creating New Revenue Streams with Blue Ocean Strategy

Raising Barriers and Avoiding Replication with Blue Ocean Strategy

Nintendo Wii 2006 – 2013: A Real Blue Ocean Strategy Case Study


To learn more about Blue Ocean Strategy:

  • DOWNLOAD THE MAP – Download our 12 Week Blue Ocean Strategy Navigation Map

  • WEBINARS – Attend a webinar (podcasts coming soon!)

  • WORKSHOPS – Attend one of our 2 day Deep Dive workshops, to immerse yourself in the tools as you apply them to your own business

  • BOOKSTORE – Visit the Amazon bookstore for a curated list of books, audio and articles

Source: Extracts from the book Blue Ocean Strategy. (c) Kim & Mauborgne, 2015. Boston. Harvard Business School Publishing

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