June 3, 2017

Tulla Group – Blue Ocean Strategy Workshops



Tulla Group has negotiated a special arrangement for its associates wishing to attend this 2 day
Blue Ocean Strategy Development and Implementation Workshop.

Limited time offer to 30 June 2017

Tulla Group associates receive a 33% discount AND can send one additional attendee for free

This allows Tulla Group associated startups, and small and micro businesses, to gain the full benefits of Blue Ocean Strategy under the guidance of a strategy experts with global experience

Book now for any of workshop through to December 2017

Create New Demand, Make Competitors Irrelevant
Own Your  Blue Ocean!

Expanded Edition 2015

Many Blue Ocean Strategy creating businesses have experienced phenomenal growth, taking them from startups and scale-ups to multi-million dollar national and global operations in just a few years.

Come and benefit from the experienced Australian team who have helped businesses throughout Australia and the world identify and own their Blue Ocean market.

Use Blue Ocean Strategy to create or pivot your products and services, and open up new and uncontested market space.

Instead of fighting for a share of a highly competitive market, with Blue Ocean strategic thinking and planning you can engage in demand generation.  Create new markets by redefining customers, influencers, and industries. 

You can create your own market, and make the competition irrelevant.

You can grow your business by creating, rather than competing.  Think about that!

Competition isn’t bad.  But by now, you know how to do it!  And so does everyone else in your industry.   So the only way to beat the competition, is to stop trying to beat them on their terms.  Instead, your need to create a new playing field where you dictate the rules.

If you stay entrenched in a highly commoditised and crowded red ocean market, no matter what your efforts the results will be the same.  You’ll be caught in a high cost, low margin, zero sum game, where your actions and strategy are dictated by the largest incumbent players who set the rules.

But by creating your own Blue Ocean, you’ll have the market to yourself.

Apple did it, Ford did it, Amazon, Uber and AirBNB, NetJets, YellowTail and so many more, all created their own Blue Oceans.  But you don’t need to be an Apple or an Uber.  They weren’t behemoths when they started!

Small and medium sized businesses create their own Blue Ocean markets.  There are many examples from Australia and around the world created daily that you can learn from.  The Blue Ocean Strategy Australia team can show you how they do it, and how you can replicate their success in your industry and business.

Blue Ocean Strategy is also a repeatable process allowing you to continuously improve and innovate.

Identify and break away from fixed and traditional industry views about customers, markets, competitors and the value-cost trade-off that traditionally limits growth.


What to expect over the 2 days

  • High Energy Thought Provoking Environment
  • Plan for High Growth through High Impact, Low Cost and Rapid Deployment Initiatives
  • Work Across Customer Value, your Business Model, and Staff and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Align your Business Strategy with your Innovation and Continuous Improvement Programmes to simultaneously drive efficiency and growth
  • Acquire new Leadership and Managerial Skills
  • Time to Discuss, Contemplate and Apply Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Develop your Strategy under the guidance of a Global Expert
  • Create New Markets by Redefining Customers and their hidden and Unresolved Pain Points
  • Enabling Technology – a set of online E-learning Modules for reinforcement and access to a Collaboration Studio with all the key Blue Ocean Strategy planning tools
  • One on One access to your Facilitator for an 2 additional hours, free of additional charges

Through a combination of workshop activities and pre- and post-workshop support, we will guide you to:

  • Simultaneously Lower your costs, Create customer benefits, and Raise your margins
  • Generate more demand for your existing products and services
  • Identify unmet customer needs and pain points
  • Create new and Uncontested market space by drawing in these non-customers
  • Map achievable steps to create, test and deploy your strategy
  • Engage your team and stakeholders to gain their voluntary co-operation
  • Appreciate and strategise for the important impact of Change Management
  • Embed Blue Ocean Strategy Thinking into your organisation
  • Utilise technology to enhance and maintain your Blue Ocean Strategy based Continuous Improvement and Innovation Programme


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