March 9, 2011

Trademark & Copyright

All the analytical tools and frameworks of Blue Ocean Strategy® and all related works (eg. Blue Ocean Shift®, Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship®, Blue Ocean Leadership® etc.) are the protected intellectual property of Professor Chan Kim and Professor Renee Mauborgne, authors of the books and articles.

In Australia, as elsewhere in the world, Blue Ocean Strategy® is protected by copyright and trademark.

Blue Ocean Strategy Australia is the Authorised Partner of the Blue Ocean Global Network (BOGN).

In Australia all Blue Ocean Strategy® works are protected by copyright, under the Australian Copyright Act 1968 (as amended) and by trademark under the Trade Marks Act 1995.

In Australia the owners have also registered the trademark for Blue Ocean Strategy® under classes 31 and 45 covering academies (education), arranging and conducting business conferences, seminars, symposiums, workshops (training), publication  of books and texts and providing online electronic publications, business management, professional business consultancy, business research and business organisational consultancy.

If you wish to use and apply Blue Ocean Strategy® on your own private business, you are highly encouraged and free to do so.  Our trained and experienced consultants would love the opportunity to help you.

If you are a business consultant and wish to earn fees for the use of Blue Ocean Strategy® as a consulting methodology, we encourage you to contact us or the BOGN Team via the official website ( to discuss your potential accreditation.

Bona fide education institutes and their academic staff have very broad freedoms to utilise all the materials, particularly the case studies and learning materials made available, some free of charge, to educators through the international website and academic platforms.

We actively encourage educational institutions to educate their staff and students on this ground breaking method.  There are no restrictions or licensing regimes inhibiting bona fide educational institutions from their application and use of Blue Ocean Strategy®, and we are very willing to assist and work with institutes, including assisting with the provision of experienced, educated and qualified adjunct staff and speakers which we have done on many occasions in the past.

Please note that Blue Ocean Strategy Australia does not officially represent the authors and cannot grant trademark or copyright permissions beyond our remit, but if you have any questions about copyright or trademarks or wish to seek permission or clarification about how to utilise Blue Ocean Strategy® materials, we can put you in contact with the proper authorising bodies overseas.

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Source: Extracts from the book Blue Ocean Strategy. (c) Kim & Mauborgne, 2015. Boston. Harvard Business School Publishing

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