March 8, 2018

Guide Your Client to their Blue Ocean

Build a stronger strategic role with your client

Guide your client through a Blue Ocean STRATEGY workshopThen Co-Coach your Client, with our support  FIND UNCONTESTED MARKET SPACE & HELP YOUR CLIENTS GROW

Why you should attend a workshop with your client.

Form a bond 

Work closely with your client on their strategy to form a common world view.

Get ideas

Hear a diversity of ideas, information and opinions of others who are applying BOS.

Access Technology

Gain access to enabling technology to help capture your work and continue it after the workshop.

Attend Free 

Bring your client to a 2 day workshop and you can attend free.

Develop opportunities

Consult with your client during and after workshops to develop and implement opportunities and projects.

Collaborate & Coach

Collaborate with other workshop attendees, and afterwards we’ll support you in a customised co-coaching programme with your client.

Use Blue Ocean Strategy to show your clients how to:

“AND” NOT “EITHER/OR” THINKINGSome business paradoxes weTACKLE using Blue Ocean Thinking

Blue Ocean Strategy can help you and your client chart a course through these complex and turbulent waters (pun intended) 

Expand Your Strategic Toolkit

Strategic Tools You May Be Using

Blue Ocean Strategy allows you to both incorporate and simultaneously challenge ANY and ALL of these methods in your journey towards demand generation.

Blue Ocean’s focus on non-customers ensures that you avoid head-to-head competition and benchmarking against your industry’s large incumbents who try to drive the industry agenda, as well as the nimble new entrants who try to disrupt it.

It allows you to explore and incorporate important trends, AND to explore innovation paths across industries.

Blue Ocean Strategy is also built on key principles of de-risking the process of creativity, innovation and disruption.

Our focus on Value Innovation means that your strategies will create new efficient frontiers for your clients through simultaneous value up and cost down initiatives.

And our use of Fair Process and Tipping Point Leadership builds execution into your strategy.

Blue Ocean Strategy





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