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The Management Innovation Index

“Organisational creativity and innovation without proper measurement is at best a waste of money and is at worst the portent for catastrophic innovation failure”
– Ralph Kerle, Executive Chairman, the Creative Leadership Forum.


“Most organisational creativity and innovation starts by placing people in a windowless room with a whiteboard, a blank sheet of paper and a lot of hope. We can all do better.”
– Andrew Nelson, Managing Director, Blue Ocean Strategy Australia


Blue Ocean Strategy Australia is proud to be a Accredited Partner with the Management Innovation Index.

Value Innovation is the basis of Blue Ocean Strategy and the Management Innovation Index helps to both measure and address the levels, drivers and constraints to innovation and creativity within an organisation. Together they form a powerful set of tools to guide positive change and drive value-creating innovation within organisations.

As an organisation builds and embarks on its Blue Ocean journey it is often necessary to assess and build on core competencies, including innovation strengths and weaknesses. If there are any uncertainties surrounding innovation and creativity the Management Innovation Index can help an organisation to identify and address its innovation inhibitors and be well prepared to execute its Blue Ocean Strategic move.

The combined Blue Ocean Strategy and Management Innovation Index methods and teams drive organisational success and transformation by:

• creating awareness and alignment

• indexing organisational creativity and innovation using clear metrics

• designing strategies and interventions to develop organisational creativity and innovation

• utilising visual and thought provoking tools and methods that are proven to drive a change in mind set

• building strategy formulation, validation and execution skills

• creating an environment focussed on sustained and continual innovation for growth that can be measured for success over a period of time

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We encourage you to try the Management Innovation Index yourself to see how it works. While this is only the first part of the process it gives you a good feel for what the Management Innovation Index can do.

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For an interesting read on how creativity can become a prime contributor to the strategic objective of an organisation, click on the paper below.


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