Blue Ocean Strategy Coaching

Work with us individually or with your team to apply Blue Ocean Strategy to your business, and create your own uncontested market space.

3 Coaching Programme Options

Book in any Combination 

1 Day   >>  2 Days  >>  8 x 2 Hour Sessions

We aim to create maximum value, minimise your costs and deploy rapidly with minimal disruption to your team's routine.

We highly recommend the weekly or fortnightly meetings programme, if it is logistically practical for you.  It allows you and your team time to work and think between sessions, while maintaining momentum.  But if you need to move slower, or pause for a while, we can accomodate you and plan meetings and payments to match you and your team's availability accordingly. 

But if you want the energy and intensity that comes from a 1 or 2 day strategy offsite, our 1 and 2 day programmes are ideal.

If you feel none of these options meet your needs, please call or email us.  Our contact details are below. 

1 Day Blue Ocean Coaching

Single Payment Option

One off payment of $3,600
(plus 10% GST)

Email Address
(Area Code) + Phone Number

2 Day Blue Ocean Coaching

Single Payment Option

One-off payment of $6,000
(plus 10% GST)

Email Address
(Area Code) + Phone Number

8 x 2 Hour Blue Ocean Coaching

Paid in Instalments

8 payments of $775
(plus 10% GST)

Email Address
(Area Code) + Phone Number

Bring your Study Buddies and Save!

It's a great idea to have your colleagues, co-founders, clients and/or advisors to join you.  It helps immensely with your strategy development, retention and implementation.  And with all these programmes coming with a maximum of 5 seats,  it costs no more for you to surround yourself with knowledgeable and helpful people.

Fitting In With Your Schedule

Once you have registered we will contact you within 2 business day to schedule your programme and get you navigating towards your blue ocean! 

Not sure these programmes are for you?

Got a question?

Call or send us a message and one of our consultants can discussion your circumstances and options.

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